Financial Settlement following relationship breakdown and Divorce

For many reasons divorce and separation is a time of huge uncertainty. In terms of finances there are lots of issues that need to be sorted out. Your immediate concern will be finding resolution to urgent problems, quickly, such as:

  • Where you will each live until long term solutions can be found
  • How you can meet all your financial obligations now that you are living apart
  • Whether you need some financial support from your separated spouse, in  the short term at least
  • How to protect financial assets from being used by one spouse before long term financial settlement is reached

We will ensure that you get access to Specialist legal advice, quickly, so that urgent arrangements can be put in place to provide some security until a long term solution can be found. If necessary we can make emergency applications to the Court to protect matrimonial assets and provide you with maintenance.

Once the immediate problems have been addressed then you will be able to concentrate upon reaching a financial settlement for the long term. There are various ways to do this. Some cases can be resolved quickly and easily by way of agreement between you, and then we can ensure that agreement becomes legally binding.

If that is not possible in your case we can advise and represent you about the next steps. We understand every case is different. For some it is extremely important to avoid Court Proceedings and maintain greater certainly and control over the settlement of their case. In those circumstances Collaborative Law may be an appropriate option for you. Helen Marshall is a Collaborative Lawyer and can talk you through the options available. Even if Collaborative Law is not right for you, we can re-assure you we will support and promote an efficient and fair settlement at the earliest opportunity.

Court proceedings cannot always be avoided. If an application to the Court becomes necessary we will ensure you have access to experienced legal advice. Helen Marshall has extensive experience in financial applications and is always committed to achieving the best result for her clients. Her experience ranges from achieving constructive solutions to cases where assets are limited to division of pension assets and protection of inherited wealth in high value cases

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