'Family Planning' for couples intending to marry or live together

Family law does not exist just for when things go wrong. The law is constantly changing and what is becoming increasingly important is planning your family relationships so that if the worst happens and your relationship does go wrong, you have more certainty about what will happen next.

If you are planning to get married the best way to do this is a Pre- Marital Agreement. The purpose of it is so that if things go wrong and you decide to divorce, you know what will happen next and avoid and lengthy, costly and unpredictable legal process. However, Pre-Marital Agreements are not automatically legally binding. It is therefore very important that if you decide that this is best option for you obtain specialist legal advice.

Even if you are not planning to get married, you may well need to protect your own assets and contributions when you begin to live together. The best way to do this is a Cohabitation Agreement. Again Cohabitation Agreements are not automatically legally binding and therefore you need specialist legal advice to ensure yours protects you, when you need it to.

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