Domestic Abuse

Sadly, a huge number of people, both women and men are subjected to some form of Domestic Abuse at some point in time, during their lives. If and when it happens to you, getting the right legal advice to protect you and your children is vital.

Domestic abuse is not simply about being a victim of psychical violence or threats of violence. It can take many forms, including emotional and psychological abuse. Any type of Domestic Abuse has a huge impact on you and your children.

We can also refer you to organisations that can assist in getting you rehoused and supported, at this difficult time.

If you are a victim of any form of domestic abuse, you need specialist advice now. We can represent you in making an application for a Non Molestation Order or Occupation Order i.e. an Injunction. If necessary this can be done on emergency basis and within a day. If an emergency Injunction is needed to protect you, then we can promise you that you will be represented by an experienced and specialist Solicitor or Barrister.

Legal Aid is still widely available if you are a victim of domestic abuse and require protection from your former partner.

Helen Marshall and Sue Pearson are both accredited specialists in Domestic Abuse and have huge amount of experience in obtaining emergency Injunctions in order to protect victims are domestic Abuse.

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