Established over 30 years ago, Pearson Caulfield is one of the largest, most well established criminal departments in the North East.

We excel in providing top quality advice and a seamless service in all types of criminal proceedings, from the police station to the Crown Court and beyond.

Lewis Pearson, Solicitor Advocate, and, Paul Caulfield, Barrister at Law, lead a hugely experienced team of Criminal Lawyers and Advocates. We understand how important it is for you to get the best quality legal advice and representation and we therefore never delegate any aspect of your case to unqualified staff. You will receive face to face advice from a Specialist Criminal Lawyer throughout your case.

We offer a range full range of legal services in criminal cases from the advice at the Police station, Road Traffic offences and general criminal cases dealt with at the Magistrates Court to serious criminal cases at the Crown Court. We have a very good reputation amongst other Lawyers and for over 30 years we have maintained strong links with the region’s leading commercial firms allowing us to gain huge experience and expertise providing advice and representation relating to ‘white collar crime’

What sets us further apart from our competitors is the fact we have a specialist criminal Barrister based within the firm. What this means for you is that if you need a Barrister to represent you, you will have the opportunity to meet with Paul Caulfield at the early stages of your case and can be sure he will represent you at Court. You will not have the risk of an unknown Lawyer turning up at Court to represent you. Not only do we have a criminal Barrister based within the firm, we also have a number of solicitors who are Higher Court Advocates. This means they are able to represent you at the Crown Court

We offer a full range of legal aid services. Your solicitor can advise you on whether you will be eligible for legal aid and if so assist you in making the application.

In recent years we have expanded our Criminal Department to include a full range of Private Client Services, for those not eligible for legal aid.

As part of our commitment to you we, wherever possible, structure our costs on a Fixed Fee basis and we will agree a fee with you in advance. We also offer a range of flexible monthly payment schemes. Please ask your solicitor for more details about the payment options available to you.